OOTD: Creating fashionable looks with one piece of clothing

Is it still a hard task for you to decide what you want to wear every day? Are you still struggling with recycling clothes every day because it seems boring? Well, let me in you a secret. You can make the same clothes look different and fashionable.
Not just that, you can also feel more confident with the kind of clothes you wear for the day. With just one specific piece of clothing, I will show you how you can create many different looks for various occasions.
Today’s main piece of clothing is a white midi dress from Revolve, and I shall be creating looks with it.
First up is an elegant, semi-formal look. In this look, you want to make sure you are highlighting the dress and not hiding or blending it with any other piece of clothing. So wear the dress as it is, and pair them with a decent pair of heels that looks good with the dress. Carry a small clutch or handbag for that added stylish touch while making sure it does not overpower the dress. You can also wear some jewelry with it to enhance the elegant look. Wear earrings. You might consider putting on an elegant necklace.

With the same look as I mentioned above, if you carry a contrasting blazer along with it, it will make the look more formal and will make the dress a little less overpowering, it’s a perfect choice for a formal look.
Another look you can create is a casual, informal fashionista look. Wear a stylish denim jacket with the dress. It brings in other clothing items more into light than the dress, helping you create the ‘different look’ effect. Pair it with matching denim boots or go with the classic combination of the same colored boots- white in this case, it is up to you to wear either long boots or ankle boots, both look good.
There you go, three different looks with the same dress; which of my outfit did you find the most attractive? Make sure to try it.

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