Minimalist aesthetic room ft. bedroom décor

Why make home décor a heck load of work? It can be a lot easier with the right tools and tricks. In today’s article, I am going to guide you on how to do a minimalistic bedroom décor with a specified color theme. Color themes make designing any living space a lot easier. The second is to consider the size of the room you are designing. Third, list down the essentials that you know you surely need and cannot compromise on when it comes to designing the specific room. At last, one of the many significant parts of decorating your home is the budget. A well-set budget will make purchasing a lot more light on you.
For my bedroom, I am doing a reddish-beige theme. I like combining two colors. I brought an upholstered three-piece bedroom set for my bedroom. It consists of a bed with a spring box and two nightstands. It is very decent colored furniture that gives me cozy vibes, and cozy is the exact thing I am looking for in my bedroom décor.

Additionally, I brought a mattress because it is not included in the bed set. It is a medium, cooling gel foam mattress. I also purchased bedside resin lamps. They look so pretty and add to that subtle decoration. I purchased extra pillows because who doesn’t like extra comfort? I also brought bedding; it is a pleat duvet cover set. It is a light blush color that contrasts well with my furniture.
Finally, for the decoration solely, I brought a wide wall frame that I placed behind the wall of my bed frame. It has gold and pink camellia flowers that goes really well with my blush duvet set.
This is it from my bedroom décor; I hope you guys like it and get some ideas so as to how you can decorate your bedroom. All my furniture and decoration is from Wayfair.

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